A new type of media company connecting
confident brands and critical minds.

Find out why we're here.

We give brands with a point of view a voice

In an age of limitless distraction, only a few brands truly stand out. Brands with confidence and a strong point-of-view. In an overload of information and choices they act as a guiding light. It’s our job to share their perspective.

We understand and move the smartest audience

We’re primarily focused on a smart and influential audience. People with infinite curiosity and a sceptical attitude towards advertising. We make media productions that are worthy of their time, trust and attention.

We work with extraordinary storytelling talent

We work with a network of independently minded creative talent. Filmdirectors, journalists, photographers, artists and designers with a signature style. We’re inspired by the independent magazine culture and innovative digital newsmedia.

We amplify stories through quality media

Publishing on your own platforms will seldom suffice to make a story spread. To reach new eyes and ears you’ll need additional mediapower. That’s why we collaborate with publishers of quality media, delivering your stories to their audience.

We put an end to confusion

We’re a new type of media company combining excellence in brand strategy and a quality journalistic approach. Hearhear is founded by Amsterdam-based creative agency Dawn and journalist Ebele Wybenga, author of The Editorial Age.

How to reach us

For any enquiries please contact
Ebele Wybenga
+(0)6 34394413

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